Retail Pharmacy Software – Triad & Phoenix

Retail pharmacy software needs to be versatile, working in various environments including retail, LTC, compounding, and hospital in-patient and out-patient settings. For these complex and diverse environments, Mobile Medsoft’s Triad System is designed specifically for the Community Pharmacy Practice.  

With appointment scheduling & notification, refills, and instructional videos, Triad’s customer wellness enables the pharmacy to be the center of patient care with customer and physician apps.

Mobile Medsoft is not just a software company. We are pharmacists that have worked in the trenches with doctors, nurses and pharmacists on our staff. Triad is developed and supported by people that understand the problems and opportunities faced by a pharmacy today. 

Because of this, we know that today’s pharmacies are diverse and rapidly changing. The pharmacy today must be able to integrate and share information with a variety of sources and devices and Triad allows your pharmacy to do just that.

State of the Art Technology and Methodology

The Triad system has been developed from the very start using the latest tools and technologies that are available. This allows us to rapidly respond to industry changes and requirements while drawing on our experience of 30+ years developing pharmacy software.

We know that one hardware platform or operating environment is not a good fit for every pharmacy. That is why Triad runs under MAC OSX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. The Triad system also supports pharmacies that want to run in a local network, hosted, or cloud environment. This allows the pharmacy to select the best option for their business model and to also leverage the investment that they have already made in technology.

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