Triad Retail Pharmacy System

The Triad Retail Pharmacy System is a fast, inexpensive, and full-featured system that easily handles the needs of today’s pharmacy. The Triad system is developed and supported by people that understand the problems and opportunities faced by a pharmacy today. The Triad System is in use in retail, LTC, compounding, and hospital in-patient and out-patient environments.

State of the Art Technology and Methodology – The Triad system has been developed from the very start using the latest tools and technologies that are available. This allows us to rapidly respond to industry changes and  requirements while drawing on our experience of 30+ years developing pharmacy software. The pharmacy today must be able to integrate and share information with a variety of sources and devices and the Triad system will allow your pharmacy to do just that.

We know that one hardware platform or operating environment is not a good fit for every pharmacy. That is pay for dissertation why the Triad system runs under MAC OSX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. The Triad system also supports pharmacies that want to run in a local network, hosted, or cloud environment. This allows the pharmacy to select the best option for their business model and to also leverage the investment that they have already made in technology.

The goal of the Triad system is to make the pharmacy the center of patient care. This is accomplished with apps for both physicians and customers, that allow access to a number of pharmacy applications. For physicians these include electronic prescribing, drug clinical information, electronic messaging and texts, patient medication compliance, and the generation of prior authorization requests. The customer apps available in the Triad system are centered around our Patient Wellness module. These apps allow the customer to store and to consolidate medical information and records including lab tests and images such as X-rays or MRI. The patient wellness module also allows multiple ways of ordering refills, electronic messaging and texts, and an appointment manager that keeps track of upcoming appointments and sends notifications. All of the patient data is stored in a secured encrypted format with access to the data limited to the patient or persons that the patient has authorized and requiring dual authentication.

With the ever growing threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches it is of the utmost importance that your pharmacy data is fully protected. The HIPAA regulations specify that patient data in the pharmacy has to be encrypted even when the data is “at rest”. The Triad system meets and exceeds this HIPAA requirement. Does your current system provide this? The majority of  pharmacy system vendors do not do this because urgent essay it can be costly and degrade performance if not done correctly. The Triad system also uses many other techniques and recognized best practices procedures to protect your pharmacy.

State of the Art Technology and Methodology

  • Supports MAC OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Making the pharmacy the center of patient care with Customer and Physician apps
  • Customer Wellness module (appointment scheduling and notification, test results,
  • Imaging, refills, instructional videos, monthly pharmacist review)
  • Pharmacy controlled Physician access to pharmacy data
  • Complete compounding support with formula and notes
  • Multiple contact protocols for customers and physicians including phone, fax, text, and email
  • Designed for secure and safe storage of pharmacy data, starting with full data encryption (Meets HIPPA standard for data at rest)
  • Designed to be Affordable for the independent pharmacy and scalable for the enterprise
  • e-Signature Capture

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