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Rx Manifest

Rx Manifest

A Pharmacy Delivery App RxManifest is a delivery app that is designed to increase the productivity of your pharmacy delivery process. The app is used with a lightweight bar code scanner combined with either an iPod® touch or iPhone® that electronically records the signature at the point of delivery.

RxManifest is fully integrated with the Helix Pharmacy System, so workflow will remain easy and efficient. The app saves time for the driver during the pharmacy check in and out steps, as well as at the point of delivery.

At the Pharmacy, only one scan is required to check out totes for delivery from the pharmacy. The Auto-Check in feature enables the driver to automatically update all deliveries in the Helix Pharmacy System and then auto reset the device for the next delivery.

Point of Delivery, reduce time with one scan only, for delivery of one or all totes or scan using the barcode on the prescription package. Quickly change the delivery status of the prescription and provide reasons for the refusal.

Auditing Process, effortlessly produce audits reports and reduce the hassle during audits with a fully searchable database. Also, print delivery manifests with the electronic signature that was captured at the point of delivery.

RxManifest is fully integrated with the Helix Pharmacy System workflow. Rx Tracking records are automatically updated in Helix to complete the workflow process.

Rx ManifestRx ManifestRx Manifest


Rx ManifestRx ManifestRxManifest6

RX Manifest Pharmacy Apps

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