iAMOSDr – Laptop, Workstation & Tablet Physician EPCS Application

iAMOSDr was created to interface to a fully certified 3rd party application package to Send Controlled Substance Prescriptions Electronically. As e-Prescribing becomes the norm, the need for electronically prescribing Schedule II-V drugs is becoming greater.

The Federal DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) requires that EPCS software meet strict requirements and go through a third-party audit to check that these requirements are met. This e-Prescribing system has both been audited by a Qualified DEA Auditor and Certified by Surescripts® to Electronically Send Controlled Substances. 

With iAMOSDr, you can:

  • e-Prescribe Schedule II-V drugs
  • Utilize one easy to use workflow for all prescribing
  • Improve security and patient safety
  • Have nurses enter orders for physician to review and order
  • Reduce medication errors resulting from bad handwriting
  • Curtail forged and counterfeit prescriptions
  • Reduce paper and increase workflow

How does it work?

The DEA requires a 2-Factor Authentication sign off, meaning when a prescriber electronically sends a controlled substance prescription they must sign it using something they know (e.g. a password) and something they have (e.g. a token). Each prescriber who wishes to e-Prescribe controlled substances must go through an identity proofing and authentication process in order to receive a token. This ensures the system is secure and safe!

Where is EPCS Allowed?

The DEA has approved e-Prescribing of controlled substances at the national level, but each state has its own EPCS regulations. Some states have approved all drugs, others have approved only schedule III-V drugs.

iAmosDr Physician EPCS Application

iAMOS Physician EPCS Application

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VIP Physician EPCS Application