Health Care Facilities

Assisted Living

The Helix™ Pharmacy system provides the tools for the pharmacy to process orders in a retail setting if necessary, but also make use of unit dose packaging methods.

  • Cycle Filling for high volume refills
  • Interfaces to automated dispensing machines
  • Private, Third Party, Managed Care billing

iAMOS™ web portal connecting the pharmacy and facility for:

  • Reports,
  • Refills
  • New admissions

MedTablet eMar ®bi-directional interface for Resident Care related functions:

  • Medication observation, toileting and vitals monitoring, etc.
  • Physician Order Review and signature capture
  • Control Drug /Shift Change count

Group Homes

Pharmacy Services are an integral part of the care regimen of the group home resident.

  • The Helix Pharmacy System has the ability to maintain multiple locations representing the group home sites for delivery, etc. And at the same time centralize any billing that would need sharing with the managing organization.
  • MedTablet replaces paper charting for medication observation or administration.
  • MedTablet tracks the completion of other scheduled events pertaining to the resident’s health care management, including Control Substance monitoring.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

The Helix Pharmacy System is a perfect fit for the facility that has an in house pharmacy.

  • The pharmacy may be command central for order entry sharing medication order data with the remote dispensing machine located on the facility wing. Interfaces include Pyxis, SiteMed and Talyst InSite.
  • Billing generated from prescription processing can be billed by the pharmacy or shared via an interface to the facility accounting system.
  • eMar interfaces are available including the bi-directional MedTablet eMar interface.
  • MedTablet incorporates the events unique to Resident Care permitting the nurse / care giver the tools for Medication and Non Medication charting. Event reminders, Resident care notes, Physician on screen order review and signature capture. In addition the MDS nurse has access to real time detailed charting data based on the Assessment Reference date
  • MedTablet personal App links the family member to resident care events and permits messaging with the care staff.
  • Please note: The MedTablet eMar product also interfaces with other pharmacy dispensing systems besides the Helix System.
  • iAMOS web portal connects the facility staff with the pharmacy eliminating phone calls
  • iAMOS EPCS functionality provides the tools for the authorized physician or nurse practitioner to securely prescribe control medication orders to the pharmacy.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

The Helix Pharmacy System’s ability to process both Retail and LTC type scripts makes it the perfect in house pharmacy software solution for the LTC facility, retirement community campus, or institutionalized setting

  • Remote Dispensing system interfaces – Pxysis, Talyst, Exchange Labs In Site system

  • Facility Management / Accounting System Interfaces for pharmacy service transactions

  • Facility Management Software ADT interface

  • MedTablet – The mobile solution to electronic charting

  • Interfaces with Facility Management eMar modules

  • MedTablet Personal – Patient Portal iPhone App for participating family members

Community Hospital

The Helix Pharmacy System provides affordable In-patient and out-patient Prescription processing

  • Daily dose dispensing / billing – In Patient
  • Retail RX processing with Claims adjudication and reconciliation – Out Patient
  • Employee charge account billing
  • Export In- patient pharmacy transactions to the Hospital Management System for consolidated billing
  • MedTablet eMar electronic charting for hospital managed Rehab facility

Adult Day Care

For the Adult Day Care location that offers assistance with taking medications, toileting, walking, etc., the MedTablet eMar product can be an economical tool in reminding the staff to perform and documenting that events occurred.

  • The Face Sheet functionality provides a central location to store the contact information for each care recipient.
  • Use the Patient Orders feature to note when the medication, IE: morning, noon medications and non medication events such as toileting, therapy, podiatry, health monitoring, (IE: food, liquid intake and blood pressure) are to take place.
  • Use the documentation reminders to insure that events are performed in a timely basis.
  • The Reporting and Notes features help to substantiate care given.
  • The MedTablet Personal App connects the recipient’s full time care giver with the day care events including messaging with the day care staff.