Download from Apple 

Runs on an iPhone, iPod or mini iPad
Syncs with MedTablet – Microsoft Azure Cloud Based

The new MedTablet ADL app allows easy charting of a Resident’s Activities of Daily Living and the level of staff provided support, allowing reporting under MDS Section G0110B, G0120B, H0600, P0200 reporting. ADL’s may be scheduled for a Resident using MedTablet and when performed using ADL app the charted outcome displays on the MAR and printable report of performed activities.


Features of MedTablet ADL App include:

Menu Settings

Allow users to hide activities they do not perform and displaying activities, they do perform, in a desired order.


Wing & Resident Activity Log

Allow users to see all of the activities that have been performed, grouped by Wing or Resident, select activity to see charting details.


Activities of Daily Living available for each resident

  • Bathing The type of bath a resident takes.
  • Bed Mobility How a resident moves in different positions in bed.
  • Meals The percentage of food / drink consumed during meals or at snack time.
  • Dressing How a resident puts on and removes personal items.
  • Locomotion Off Unit How a resident moves and returns from off-unit locations.
  • Locomotion On Unit How a resident moves between room and adjacent corridor on their floor.
  • Personal Hygiene How a resident maintains their personal hygiene.
  • Safety Restraints or Alarm Use Use of any physical or mechanical device, material or equipment used to restrict or monitor resident movement.
  • Supplements The percentage of food / drink supplements resident consumes during meals or at snack time.
  • Transfer How a resident moves between surfaces such as bed, chair, standing positions and devices used.
  • Toileting When a resident voids or has bowel movements and if constipation is present.
  • Vitals Tracking Chart resident’s values for Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiration, SpO2, Temperature, Weight,and Blood Glucose.
  • Walk On Corridor How a resident walks when in the corridor of their unit and devices used.
  • Walk In Room How a resident walks between locations in their room.