A Statement from the President & CEO…

We believe in developing quality healthcare systems to make a better world.

We bring together the best in creativity and technology with the expertise of our people. By making advanced products, we create new possibilities. This way your business and our business can grow, communities can flourish, and individuals can get more out of life. That’s the difference we make, every day.

We do this responsibly and sustainably. We act with integrity, work ethically and live by our values. Our business standards and our people policies are grounded in these principles.

Acting with integrity and working ethically makes good business sense. It also helps us to work together across the world. Ethics is not just about preventing criminal or corrupt behavior, behaving ethically should be part of everything that we do.

Our reputation strengthens each time we stick to our business principles. This might mean that we have to reject potential new business if it looks as though it would force us to compromise our principles. A tough call but one that our people will make if it’s appropriate.

To our customers… If you are not sure what the right thing to do would be with any of our products for any given situation – just ask.  We want our customers to have confidence in our products.  Support is there for a reason, to help. We strive for perfection but in the end it’s the proof in our actions and products that we hope to build trust and creditability with our customers.

Duke Yetter

Role of the Board of Directors…

The Board of Directors, which operates as a single team, is made up of the Chairman, the Chief Executive, and three other executive directors. All directors and shareholders during 2014 met, and continue to meet, on an annual basis per the requirements under the charter of RNA Holdings, LLC, a Texas Corporation. 

The Board is ultimately responsible for the management of the group’s operations in addition to discharging certain legal responsibilities. It has final responsibility for the group’s strategy and for overseeing the group’s performance. Its principal focus is on:

  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Growing shareholder value
  • Oversight and control
  • Corporate governance

It approves RNA Holdings:

  • Values, ethics and business policies and practices
  • Strategic plans
  • Annual budget
  • Capital expenditure and investments budgets
  • Larger capital expenditure proposals
  • The overall system of internal controls, governance and compliance

The Board also oversees internal controls, operating and financial performance and reviews any potential risks.


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